The ESSENTIA team is currently made up of three people. Although we come from different walks of life, our passion and mission for foie gras is what brought us together as a team. Among our members, there are those who have been involved in the trade of fatty liver products for more than 15 years, and some who entered this world a year ago.

The “Gourmet”: A professional experienced in catering and receiving guests. He has been involved in tasting and selling foie gras for 18 years, and is committed to promoting foie gras. He believes that foie gras is the fifth taste that the Japanese call “umami”. He enthusiastically searches for those flavor combinations that can make the experience of tasting foie gras even more perfect. He, the master of the “foie gras session”, knows how to serve and create a dish best.

The “Researcher”: Getting to know the great foie gras secret has been her passion for 9 years. From the very beginning, she has been interested in the past and the history that accompanies foie gras for 5,000 years to the present day. It is important for her to maintain the tradition and gastrocultural value of foie gras and to introduce people to it. She researched and wrote the history of the oldest Hungarian brand producing foie gras products, as well as prepared several background materials for the protection and innovation of the foie gras sector, including foie gras. The main organizer of the tastings.

The “Performer”: Although she recently joined the team, she quickly embraced this corner of the gourmet world due to her enthusiasm and curiosity. She has a passion for creatively presenting and sharing her knowledge with others, which is why she presents and shares her knowledge of foie gras both personally in the store and online.

We hope you will also be enchanted by the world of foie gras!