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You visited the webpage of the REX CIBORUM hungarian goose liver’s official brandshop.
Our exclusive shop’s speciality is the world famous fattened hungarian goose liver and the magical Tokaj wine specialities.
As the trademark of the goose liver products, the goose and duck liver specialities that are sold under the lablel of REX CIBORUM are among the gastronomic luxury items both in the domestic and the foreign market.
More than 40 types of the premium guality REX CIBORUM goose and duck liver products can be only found in our shop.
As the managers of the shop we’d like to endear Hungary’s national treasure with several other nations. A gastronomic treasure which you could eat in any form at anytime – for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Luxury experience on family gatherings, we can fascinate our collegues or bosses, but also pack it as a snak for our kids and, at last but not least, we can give a little hungarian flavour for the ones who live abroad.

While you are tasting the liver we tell stories aabout the legend of the REX CIBORUM brand and the goose liver, as well as give advices on how to eat and serve; which wine we recommend based on the guests taste and also offer other siders for the selected product. The costumer aren’t only tasting one of the hungarian gatronomy’s signal part, but take home a whole experience and leave the shop satisfied.
Our shop is in the heart of Budapest, located in the district V. József nádor tér, nest to famous brandshops like Herendi, Zsolnay porcelain and Ajka crystal.